Accelerating Agriculture Productivity Improvement (AAPI) Project

Society Development Agency Awarded in recognition of excellent leadership and contribution in expanding Urea Deep Placement technology of Accelerating Agriculture Productivity Improvement (AAPI) under IFDC/USAID

Bangladesh is an agro based developing country. Yet about 80% of total population dependent on agriculture and agro based jobs. Every year different types of natural disasters’ hit the country and all kinds of natural disasters directly hit the agriculture at first, as a result the farmers’ loss their crops, poultry, fishes, livestock, land and their households’ resources even sometimes their professions.

Still the paddy and spring harvesting (Pulse, Potato, Tomato, spices, Vegetables, nut Chili etc.) are the main production of the farmers of Bangladesh. Farmers are using rapidly different types of fertilizer to increase their production. Most of them have no proper knowledge and training to use

proper fertilizer to sustain their productivity. As a result they have to be missed and lost their seasonal crops. SDA has taken initiatives in small angle to deliver the appropriate message of fertilizer using for increase their production. Urea is the principal fertilizer which has been frequently using by the farmers. But due to the ignorance; most of them have been using powder urea. It has been proved by scientific research and practical use in different areas of cropping by the agriculturists and agriculture scientists that Guti Urea is more and more effective than that of powder Urea. In this respect, SDA has developed partnership with IFDC for implementing “Accelerating Agriculture Productivity Improvement (AAPI)” project in Patuakhali sadar Upazilla.

Objective of the Project:

  • To raise awareness among the farmers for using Guti Urea in their crops field
  • To circulate about the effective yielding and usefulness of Guti Urea
  • To ensure the supply chain of Guti Urea in their appropriate time