Child Protection Emergency (CPIE) Program Child Friendly Space (CFS) Supported by UNICEF

After the hit of “AILA” in the Southern part of Bangladesh, SDA immediately did a rapid assessment and started 5 Child Friendly Spaces (CFS) on 28 May 2009 at there working areas with their own resources and mobilizes volunteers to conduct recreational and psychosocial activities with children. Otherwise SDA is also in cooperation with Save the Children Alliance in the distributed non-food items in the affected areas and coordinated the distribution of safe drinking water at AILA affected area in Patuakhali District. The relationship and contacts was with the local administration is sound and well established. The Deputy Commissioner of Patuakhali District was present at their distributing water point. For this state of affairs, unicef-BCO provided funding support for two months to continue this initiative for Child Friendly Spaces (CFS) Program.

The Child Project Emergency Program implemented through Child Friendly Spaces (CFS) for AILA affected children supported by UNICEF. Total 2000 children covered through 10 Child Friendly Spaces (CFS) at 10 Unions under 4 Upazillas of Patuakhali district. Adolescent volunteers conducted psychosocial activities to run sessions among the CFS children by utilizing the age specific recreational items, music and cultural tools. The children involved in psychosocial and recreational activities to cope with the post cyclone situation.

Regarding Selection of children to implement the program, we have given consideration and importance to much affected, poorest, ultra poor, orphanage and disabled, indigenous child. CFS center started at 9:00 am and ended after lunch every day for the project duration. We have kept a register book and saved information for Children of each CFS center.

Every day distributed hot meal for the children by helping volunteers. They maintained fooding and cooking materials rules and hygiene of food access. SDA established water point for safe water and sanitation facilities at every center for needed of children. The children accommodated by dividing them in groups of 40.

Result of CFS Program

  • Children engaged psychosocial with and recreational activities,
  • bringing normalcy into their lives. . Children are protected from violence, abuse and exploitation
  • Children have accessed to basic services such as safe water, food, education and health care
  • Relieved stress from parents to continue their day-to-day work (rebuilding houses, collecting relief etc.) by involving the children in the safe spaces.
  • Drop out children encouraged to come to primary school regularly.
  • They have grown-up the self confidence that how to overcome the crisis stage by receiving learning
  • Increased nutritional grade of children by providing hot meal in that period